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Genetic Plaza
Level -3, House # 16
Road # 16 (Old 27)
Dhaka -1205

Tel: (880)-4478300733-4, (880)-4478300730-1, (880)-2-812-1472
Fax: (880)-2-912-0915
E-mail: omni@bangla.net

Enem-omni is an enterprise, industry and investment driven company. Our pledge is to create a profitable and exciting company. Our pioneering profile clearly demonstrates that we have always been on the lookout for a fresh challenge and are willing to seize an opportunity when it arises. Our notable successes have mainly been due to this and our innovation philosophy. Our every move is designed to integrate our activities so as to maximize the synergy effect.

Enem-omni's management resources are spread over the key fields of logistics & transport, manufacturing & exports, pro audio & music, books, food, health, education, financial services and human and natural resources development. Of these, logistics, finance and industry are strategically the most important areas and will continue to be the focus of our particular attention. These are fields in which enem-omni has played pioneering roles since 1972, as we are keenly aware of the existing vacuum and the extremely bright prospects that suitable responses, applications and solutions can bring. Fortunately this also dovetails with the national priorities of infrastructure development. The creation of unified product development and distribution systems neatly fits into our objectives.

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